THE Talent Community

Why “Community”? Its roots are “to converse together.” CXR is a space where experts gather to present, analyze, and discuss. For us, it is a community of peers who are passionate about recruiting. A community compelled to improve, knowledgeable about their function, and willing to share competitive practices to help raise the knowledge-base of talent acquisition. By any definition, the CareerXroads Community is a group unlike any other. Employees of enterprise member companies have full access to community resources and team members.

Are you looking to grow your network with peers at the forefront of our industry?

Let CareerXroads help with…

  • CXR eXchanges: 24/7 peer-to-peer sharing, data to support a purchase decision, process benchmarks, internal policy documents, it’s all on the table between members.
  • CXR Community Meetings: Not-to-be-missed meetings throughout the year allow members to hone in on their recruiting focus and make unparalleled connections that last for years. Meeting topics purposefully cover a range of Talent Acquisition topics including Candidate Experience, Employment Branding, Operations, Analytics, College Recruiting, Sourcing and more.

Are you frustrated with the never-ending task of selecting and reviewing technology?

Let CareerXroads help with…

  • CXR Vendor indeX: Want to know what technology or vendor is worth your time and budget? Look it up in the Enterprise Members-only Vendor Ratings and Reviews database.
  • CXR Labs: Learn what’s worth your time with CXR Labs where CareerXroads brings members into the early stages of new recruiting technology via small-group testing.
  • Discounts: CareerXroads reviews a lot of products, conferences, and services. When it passes our bar, we negotiate members-only deals so you benefit from our learnings.

Do you wish you had a reliable source of industry insight into today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities?

Let CareerXroads help with…

  • Podcasts: Recruiting headlines, guest interviews, and industry insights from Chris Hoyt and Gerry Crispin
  • Research Library: Hundreds of benchmark survey reports, data summaries, meeting presentations, whitepapers and more – all at your fingertips.
  • Webinars: Growing archive of CareerXroads webinars with members-only content, guest speakers, and deep-dives on challenging topics.
  • Recruiting Jobs: Our members hail from some of the largest corporations in the world. If you’re looking for talent or to make a move – we’ve got you…

Our commitment to our members

We’re constantly studying the recruiting landscape. It is a labor of love – never a job. We enjoy being challenged about something we don’t know. We’ll track it down. We’ll introduce you to the best people we can find. Enterprise members can get our advice via email, phone call, text message, at CXR community meetings or an occasional after-hours session at many HR conferences. As networked as we are, what we don’t know we can always learn from experts and help you connect to them.

Find the community you’ve been seeking – join CareerXroads.

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